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The Mesoamerican Reef - Tulum Mexico

The Mesoamerican Reef

Tulum is part of the Mesoamerican Reef System, which extends over about 1000 km along the Caribbean coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. It is the largest coral reef in the western hemisphere and the second-largest in the world, after the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

With more than 65 species of rock corals, 350 species of molluscs, and over 500 fish species, the Mesoamerican Reef is a natural refuge for protected and endangered species. And certanly a great place to put the mask and immerse in the treasures that its water have to explore.

Dazzling arrays of different types of coral form this underwater wilderness, and provide homes and food to hundreds of fish species, marine turtles, and sharks. Along the shores, mangroves provide habitat for fish and shorebirds as well as protect coastal areas from the damage associated with hurricanes and strong storms.


In Agua Clara, we feel extremly fortunate of having so many amazing reefs around us.

You can dive with us in:

It is logical to consider that visiting these places represents a great privilege that, in addition to enjoying, we should treasure and maintain.

We believe that the first step toward generating environmental awareness and protect these natural areas is to experience nature in its original state by engaging in eco tourism activities with minimal impact and providing information about the delicate balance that sustains it.

The tours offered by us are designed to convey the consequences of a natural act over another, to understand the ecosystem in question as a whole.



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Elegant Turtles in the Reef of Tulum: Photo Gallery

This photo gallery contains a collection of amazing photos of turtles that you can see when snorkeling or diving in the coral reef of the Mexican Riviera Maya. This turtles can be found in the area of Tulum were the turtles are part of a rich ecosystem. This beautiful animals can be witnessed in their natural environment following strict rules to protect them. Raising awareness about the importance of their preservation is the main objective of our project.

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What is the Mangrove? Discover Tulum natural wonders

diving classes in casa cenote

red mangroceMangroves are various types of trees that grow in saline coastal sediment habitats in the tropics and subtropics, mangroves survive to extreme environments. They belong to the family of plants Rhizophoraceae, and can tolerate broad ranges of salinity, temperature, and moisture, as well as other key environmental factors that only a select few species can take. Across the globe the location of mangroves usually runs parallel to coral reefs. The relationship between the two is clear: mangroves thrive in brackish, nutrient-rich waters, while coral reefs thrive in clear, nutrient-poor waters. Mangroves act to purify the water from human wastes and pollutants, and in doing so, coral reefs are less effected. The coastline is protected because the roots of mangroves act to trap sediments that would otherwise be washed back out by the waves. Moreover, mangroves provide a habitat for many different species of animals, including bats, lobsters, manatees, and birds. The roots and branches of mangroves provide an ideal site for animals to feed, mate, and give birth.

underwater photo of mangove

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What is a snorkeling day in Tulum like with us

brain coral


At Agua Clara diving Tulum, we act according to our passion for, and admiration of the natural wonders that surround us. We design personalized private snorkeling tours in Tulum and its surroundings, aimed mainly at providing you an unforgettable experience and passing on information about our ecosystems.

snorkeling tours tulum



Casa cenote is the mouth of a subterranean river that connects with the sea via a large cave.It is surrounded by mangrove and is an ideal place to snorkel, as it is not too deep and its waters are confined. It is possible to see fish like sea bass, tarpoons, blue crabs and more.

IMG_7905snorkeling casa cenote





The solitary bay of Xcacel-Xcacelito is a sea turtle sanctuary natural protected area. Several different types of ecosystems can be observed:  beautiful coral reefs, a small cenote (Xcacelito), virgin sand dunes and mangrove forests. It is an ideal place for swimming and reef snorkeling. We will get the chance of seeing amazing coral formations while snorkeling in its calm waters. In the tour, we will have a picnic while overlooking this amazing  scenery and visit a small cenote called Xcacelito, a small cristal clear brakish water cenote 5 minutes walk from the beach.

brain coral

 beach of xcacel


A cenote is a cavern that was inundated as a result of the caving in of the roof of one or several caves. Subterranean waters gather and form a sinkhole. The clarity of the water and the rock formations in the cenotes, convert them into one of the most interesting and unique swimming or snorkeling experiences. There are hundreds of cenotes, that differ from each other in colors, formations, ecosystems, etc. We will take you to those cenotes away from the tourist trails, where youll get a chance of enjoying them as pristine and they were broght in to the world. Cenotes Saac Aktun are an example of beauty, mystery and wonder. dont miss the opportunity of seeing them.

cenotes saac actun
agua clara diving tulum


cenotes saac actun
agua clara diving tulum












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Scuba Diving Tulum Eco Tours: Animals and Plants Photos: Anemones of the Coral Reef

While scuba diving into the coral reef near Tulum area you will find this incredible creatures called sea anemones.
The Sea anemones are a group of water-dwelling, predatory animals of the order Actiniaria; they are named after the anemone, a terrestrial flower.They are very similar in their shape. Take a look to this amazing animals that you can meet while diving with Agua Clara Diving Tours Tulum.




If you are interested in scuba diving courses click here.

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Diving in the Sea and the Coral Reef Tulum Part 1

Diving in the Coral Reef. We arrive in a boat to the most exciting scuba diving spots near Tulum area.

Underwater photography testimonials of scuba diving tour into the coral reef near Tulum, México. This photos where taken by Agua Clara Diving Tulum. You can apreciate the richness of Riviera Maya Coral Reef where hundreds of animals and plants coexist in balance.

The diving trip takes place in the sea, in a special spot for scuba diving located near Tulum. We travel in the boat to the location and then we jump into the deepness of the coral reef.

Diving in the Coral Reef. We arrive in a boat to the most exciting scuba diving spots  near Tulum area. scuba-diving-dive-tulum-tour-reef-photos6 scuba-diving-dive-tulum-tour-reef-photos7Click here to see the Page 2 of this collection of photos of our Scuba Diving tours in the Coral Reef.

Book your Scuba Diving Tour near Tulum, Mexico with Agua Clara Diving Tulum

If you are interested in diving into the coral reef click here to read detail of the diving and snorkeling tours we offer.  We have a wide variety of tours for everyone, beginners, first timers and experienced divers.

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Snorkeling with Turtles:the Reef of Akumal near Tulum

snorkeling with turtles in tulium mexico
Photo: Swiming and snorkeling next to the gIgant turtles is one of the main activities you can join in Akumal. An amazing experience everyone should have!

If you are looking foward for a incredible snorkeling experience in Mexico, very close to Tulum and Playa del Carmen it is located Akumal.

One of the most exciting snorkeling activties anyone can think about. Snorkeling with gigantic turtles and swiming with them and hundreds of different colorful fish species.At Agua Clara we offer a wide variety of Eco Tours that include Akumal as a scuba diving stop. Click here for more details about Snorkeling into the Reefs and Cenotes near Tulum, Mexico.

Snorkeling Eco Tours
It is recommended  recommend to get a guided experience.We give you high quality equipment for a confortable snorkeling experience. Click here to contact us.

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Photos of the Reef Tulum Diving and Snorkeling

Reef island tulum diving photography
Very close to Tulum we will take you explore this kind of natural landscapes full of lifeforms and a rich biodiversity. Explore the reef diving with PADI certified instructors or snorkel and enjoy the beauty of the Reef.

The Coral Reef is full of this kind of  common coral configurations. These are ideal for snorkeling in the inner part of the coral barrier.

The photo in this post  has been taken in one of your diving eco tours.