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Punta Laguna

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Punta Laguna is a natural protected area of 5,200 hectarias,  populated by a small mayan community located 80 km away from Tulum towards Nuevo Xcan.

This old jungle is habitated by 500 spider monkeys and a few howler monkeys. Its lushed vegetation includes a vast variety of senior trees and a 700 year  Pich tree, crowning a sacred place to do traditional mayan blessings.

The reserve sorrounds a beautifull lagoon of 2 Km long where, as part of the ecoturistic development of the mayan community, they offer camping, cannoing and zipline

Agua clara offers tours to this magnificent reserve while supporting a true rural mayan community to find alternative economic activities, friendly wiht their amazing enviroment. More about the tour…

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Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve

sian kaan canals
sian kaan canals
flow with the natural current through these canals with us

Origin of the Sky  in mayan native laguage, is a protected natural area that covers 528,147 hectares and is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Sian Kaan is located only a few kilometers from Tulum. It represent the biggest national park in all the state of Quintana Roo. In pre-Hispanic times, it was governed by the Mayan tribes of Cohuah and Uyamil. Researchers have inventoried 23 Mayan Archeological sites within the reserve, with the ruins of Chenchomac, Chunyaxche, and Muyil standing out. These ruins can be visited during the tour of the canals that criss-cross this idyllic place. Human remains, pottery, statues, and tools dating 2300 years back have been found within the confines of Sian Kaan. This reserve is a natural sanctuary for pumas, “tapires”, “tlacuaches”, toucans, white and caguama turtles, and endangered species, such as howler and spider monkeys, jaguars, anteaters, ocelots, “tapires”, and even dolphins and manatees. The wetlands of this reserve are also home to a vast and well-kept population of crocodiles.

The northern part of this immense reserve comprises turquoise lagoons that are fed by cenotes. In the Full Floating tour we will float uing the natural current and then navigate on a fast boat through the canals of the reserve, which start in Muyil and end in the Caribbean Sea, at Boca Paila, where we will take a break to swim, refreshments, and lunch. We will also visit the small ruin of Chunyaxche. This tour provides a very comprehensive idea of this varied ecosystem. Walk through an ancient Mayan trail in the jungle, learning about local species and their use while you get to the Mayan ruins of the ancient city of Muyil, which was inhabitated for more than 1000 years and is located strategically on the Mayan comercial route going to cities in land like Chiche Itza.


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Muyil Ruins Photos: Eco Tours in Tulum

the ruins of muyilThis photos were taken during a tour into the biosphere reserve of Sian Kaan near Tulum, Mexico. Here you can apreciate Muyil Ruins, one of the main attractions of the ancient mayan legacy.

Are you considering visitiMg Muyil Ruins? Keep Reading, as Muyil ruins are the start of an incredible experience into a natural paradise!

Floating Tour: from Muyil Ruins to the Sea. 
Our Full Day Floating Tour in Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve starts at the imponent Muyil Ruinn legacy of the ancient mayan culture.