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Eco Tours into the Cenotes around Tulum, Mexico

Carwash (or aktun ha, meaning water cave in mayan) refers to a Cenote and to a cave system that started been explored from this cenote.  It   was one of  the first  cenotes where cave divers got in to and they called it like that because since it is really close to the road that connects Tulum with Merida  taxi drivers used to go there to wash their cars.

The open water part of this cenote is like a little lagoon that holds a beautiful underwater garden where there are a few different fish, couple turtles and even a small crocodile living in.The cavern dive we operate here starts  in the garden area and goes  straight in to the cavern area. Since the cavern is used by cave instructors to train students there is no already placed guide line and the guide has to place it, this gives  an exploration feeling that is pretty cool. Speleothemes in this cavern are black, stained by  the tanic acid that passed once trough the cavern. The cavern is pretty big and in my opinion the most beautiful part of the dive is the view of the light getting in to the garden part and lighting the fallen trees you get as you are heading back to the entry. For finishing, as we do the safety stop we have a nice look around the garden and try to look for the different inhabitants that live here.

This Cavern dive is  easy, the spaces you dive trough are very big, the way in seems dark but as you turn back you can always see the sun light, and there is thin sediment in the bottom but since the cavern is huge there is no need to swim close to it. Recommendable to dive in one of the beginner caverns (like Dos Ojos and Gran Cenote) before diving it but doesn`t require super skills.

Amount of dives: 1

Difficulty: Medium.

List of the Cenotes near Tulum

All of these cenotes are part of our guided eco tours both for snorkeling and scuba diving