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Tulum Diving: Diving in a cenote with tannic acid | Cenote Diving Tulum Photo Gallery

After every day with strong rain, the mangrove releases a substance that changes the color of the water in cenotes called tannic acid, although some people might think of it a dirty substance affecting the visibility while diving, the substance released by the mangrove is very important for the health of our coral reefs in Tulum.

Tannic acid is a naturally occurring substance derived from plants which stains water a brown color, the structure of the tannic acid in water aids in preserving coral reefs. The destruction of mangrove forests in the coastal wetlands is drastically decreasing the amount of natural tannins in the water and thus subjecting the nearby coral reefs to undue UV radiation.

This substance lies on the surface of the cenote, and the best way to appreciate it is diving in it, this phenomenon can be seen in Tulum after a strong rain.

One of the main attractives of cenotes are the visual effect you can appreciate in them. Read more about cenotes