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Diving into the Coral Reef near Tulum Photos Part 2

Underwater photography testimonials of scuba diving tour into the coral reef near Tulum, México. This photos where taken by Agua Clara Diving Tulum. You can apreciate the richness of Riviera Maya Coral Reef where hundreds of animals and plants coexist in balance.

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After the boat left us we dive into the deepnes of the Coral Reef to find all kinds of lifeforms that habitate in the Reef. On the coral reefs (in contrast with familiar terrestrial ecosystems) plants aren’t the only group of organisms to play a major role in the production (wich means the creation of “new” biomass). Within coral reef ecosystems two other (both very different) types of life forms also play a critical role providing all the food that supports the rest of the ecosystem thar grows around the reef.

The two groups of life forms taking care of the biomass production are: A)The Cyanobacteria, and the B) The Marine “algae” – a diverse assortment of living things within the Kingdom Protista. The Coral reef “autotrophs” (those organisms that can synthesize new “food” from simple, non-living precursors) are therefore represented by 3 groups: Marine Plants, Marine Algae, Cyanobacteria. In part 3 of this series of photos of our diving tours into the reef we continue