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Underwater photography: scuba diving in Casa Cenote, Tulum

moray eel casa cenote

This underwater photographs were taken at Tulum, Mexico in the Cenote “Casa Cenote”. In this underwater photography session we can appreciate Moray eels: cosmopolitan eels of the family Muraenidae, several species are regularly seen in brackish water such as Casa cenote.

Green Moray Eels are carnivorous animals, and eat small crustaceans, worms, and insects in the ocean.  During the day, they are found in cracks and holes in coral reefs, and in or around shallow waters.  Mature eels have the ability to survive out of water for over four hours and even travel over land.  Some morays are good to eat, some are very toxic. Morays are very dangerous to humans, but they will not attack unless provoked.

In this post we would like to show a brief description of Casa cenote, a paradisiac snorkeling and diving destination  in Tankah bay, 120 minutes distance from  Tulum.

All of this photos were taken in one of our snorkeling tour in Tulum, last february 2013.

The tour started in the town of Tulum at 9:30 AM, from there we took the federal road north towards a cenote called Casa cenote.

wool algae casa cenote
this wool algaes is foud in casa cenote in the riviera maya, mexico
mangrove in casa cenote
Casa cenote is an example of a mouth of the underground rivers meeting the ocean in the riviera maya

As you can see, Casa cenote is a cristal clear water natural pool surrounded by mangrove that has a very wide cave cennecting the underground waters of the river that comes from the system Dos ojos called Saac Actun (white cave) to the caribbean sea in tankah bay. Casa cenote represents the mouth a the underground river meeting the ocean, and its home for many growing species that come here to protect themselves from the streght and dangers of the open ocean.

sea bass in casa cenote
this sea bass were found in casa cenote, an open cenote surrouended by mangrove next to tulum in the riviera maya, mexico
green moray eel casa cenote
Tis green moray eel was foud diving in the bottom of casa cenote next to tulum
snorkeling in casa cenote
the crital clear water of casa cenote are jus one more of our snorkeling tour destination, ask for what else we got.

This day we were lucky enough to find in the bottom of the cenote a green moray eel, tarpons, blue crabs, sea bass and a few  swimming primates.

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